Anatomy of Modern Systems: Where Safety-Critical and General Purpose Applications Co-exist

You seek to meet the evolving needs of your end users by adopting sophisticated technology, from game-changing artificial intelligence applications, to augmented reality and enhanced computer vision capabilities. But how do you deploy these new mission-critical applications into a safety-critical environment when most of them start in the open source software world?

On Wednesday, March 6, at 2PM ET, attend “Anatomy of Modern Systems: Where Safety-critical and General Purpose Applications Co-exist” and learn how to:

Use adaptive virtualization for embedded, C4ISR, space and edge computing systems

Navigate the development journey safely – from Linux-based prototyping to safety-critical deployment

Consolidate safety-critical and general purpose applications onto a single safe, secure and reliable platform allowing integration of legacy and future applications without system redesign

Alex Wilson, Director, Business Development, Wind River
Dr. Patrick Rogers, Senior Technical Staff, AdaCore
Antonio Priore, CEng, Senior Functional Safety Manager, Embedded & Automotive, Arm


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