Wind River Analytics Product Overview

Distributed cloud computing systems, such as those used for edge services and 5G, will generate gigabytes of data across all hosts, clusters, pods, and containers per day. This vast amount of data could be used to guide the network operator in keeping the network running optimally. However, without the right tools, there is no way a human operator could process that data and put it to use.

Wind River® Analytics makes it possible to effectively manage a distributed cloud system by consuming and processing the data to produce meaningful insights for decision-making. With full stack monitoring of the cloud infrastructure cluster and services, Analytics collects, analyzes, and visualizes cloud behavioral data to help you keep your cloud up and optimized while reducing operational costs. With Analytics, you can identify trends, detect anomalies, and prevent problems.

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Wind River Analytics Overview
Wind River Analytics Overview

Wind River Analytics, fully integrated with Wind River Cloud Platform, gives you the visibility you need to...

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