Wind River Cloud Platform Product Overview

November 20, 2019

As telecommunications and other industries evolve toward 5G, the need for distributed compute at the network edge becomes critical in order to support the wide variety of newly emerging use cases and the opportunities they bring.

In order to capitalize on these opportunities and thrive, communications service providers (CSPs) must find new ways to architect and build secure network infrastructures that can improve the agility to introduce new services faster, while also reducing operating costs. To that end, carriers are looking to open source virtualization for their edge cloud infrastructure and are leveraging a combination of containers, virtual machines (VMs), and cloud native as part of their strategy.

Wind River® Cloud Platform is an open source, production-grade distributed Kubernetes for managing edge cloud infrastructure. Based on the OpenStack StarlingX project, Cloud Platform represents a compilation of best-in-class open source technology that delivers the features needed to effectively deploy and manage distributed networks.

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Introducing Wind River Cloud Platform

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