Trusted Military Servers

March 16, 2021

Comprehensive Advantage to Mission-Critical Applications

Field-tested computer systems pre-built with inherently secure software to run the most demanding applications in the harshest environments while protecting your sensitive data against unauthorized access. Helps meet anti-tamper, cybersecurity and data-at-rest requirements.

  1. Software Never Sleeps: Protects sensitive data, configuration files, and executables during runtime and rest. 
  2. Addressing Requirements: Rapidly and affordably addresses the majority of your technical IA/cybersecurity controls with a single product. 
  3. Highly Performant Virtualization: Provides enhanced integrity and upgradability of systems deployed on COTS or custom hardware.

Ruggedized Hardware
Rugged, high-performance computing customized to match the demands of your program or application. Quickly deployable and ready to tackle your real-time computing needs. Agile, hardened, and built to serve at the tactical edge.

Hardened Software
Trusted across Tier 1 U.S. defense primes and armed with a long, successful track record securing weapon systems, an emerging approach to systems security engineering: secure tactical virtualization with integrated hardware and software protections.

Wind River BSP Services
Wind River BSP Services

Wind River® Professional Services has experts in BSP development and maintenance who can develop all or par...

Star Lab Titanium Product Datasheet
Star Lab Titanium Product Datasheet