Digital Transformation Using Virtualization and Container Software Solutions

Whether your company is building equipment and devices for manufacturing, energy, medical, transportation or another segment, you are experiencing a dramatic technology shift as the world is going through a Digital Transformation. Two software technologies are helping to bring digital transformation to the design and building of the latest generation of equipment and devices: Virtualization of equipment systems and the use of Linux application system containers.

Speaker: Ron Breault, Director, Industrial Solutions Business Development, Wind River
Moderated by: Chris McNamara, Content Director, Smart Industry

Attend this webinar and discover how virtualization technology and container technology are enabling the digital transformation of the manufacturing, medical and transportation market segment.

In this webinar, we will dig deep and further explore:

  • Learning about virtualization and container technologies
  • Discovering how they are bringing the benefits of digital transformation
  • Reviewing use cases for manufacturing, medical and transportation
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