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AFFECTIVA AND WIND RIVER Affectiva and Wind River ® have partnered to help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1 suppliers improve road safety by identifying dangerous in-cabin driving behavior in real time. Delivering comprehensive people analytics, Affectiva Automotive AI measures both complex and nuanced emotional and cognitive states from face and voice. And as con- nected and autonomous cars evolve, this collaboration will allow automakers to understand the in-cabin environment so that it can be adapted to enhance and deliver a safer mobility experience. Leveraging the safe, secure, and reliable consolidated compute platform Wind River Helix ™ Cockpit, AI emotion-sensing technology can enhance in-vehicle infotainment experiences, influence in-cabin controls, and further the enablement of advanced driver assist systems (ADAS). With scalable computing in a lower-power package, impressive graphics capabili- ties, and security features—all powered by the Wind River safe and secure consolidated compute platform—the solution allows automakers and suppliers to deploy turnkey, auto- motive grade solutions to market faster, with lower costs. KEY ADVANTAGES OF THE SOLUTION • Leveraging Affectiva Automotive AI data collected about vehicle occupants in order to create software-driven services that deliver great experiences, such as: – Personalizing content recommendations, including video and music, based on the emotions of the passengers; making e-commerce purchase recommendations based on reactions to the content that is served or the route that is taken – Adapting in-cabin environmental conditions, such as lighting and heating, based on levels of comfort and drowsiness – Understanding user frustration or confusion with virtual assistants and conversational interfaces and designing these to be emotion-aware, so they can respond in an appro- priate and relevant manner • Monitoring levels of driver fatigue and distraction to enable appropriate alerts and inter- ventions that correct dangerous driving, such as an audio or display alert that instructs the driver to remain engaged or seat belt vibration to jolt the driver to attention • Monitoring driver anger to enable interventions or route alternatives that avoid road rage; for example, a virtual assistant guides the driver to take a deep breath, the driver's pre- ferred soothing playlist comes on, the GPS suggests a stop along the way Affectiva Automotive AI and Safe and Secure Wind River Helix Cockpit Platform Combine to Define and Accelerate the In-Cabin Experience of Tomorrow Partner Solution Brief Ecosystem Component Artificial emotional intelligence Solution Automotive AI Value • Monitoring of driver impair- ment levels for next-gen- eration driver monitoring systems (DMS) required by L1 to L4 automation • Measuring of occupant mood and reactions to adapt the vehicle environment WHEN IT MATTERS, IT RUNS ON WIND RIVER

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