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AKAMAI AND WIND RIVER: FLEXIBLE VCDN-BASED VIDEO DELIVERY FOR A HIGHLY DYNAMIC AUDIENCE As part of the Wind River ® Titanium Cloud ™ Ecosystem, Akamai Technologies and Wind River have partnered to accelerate the flexible deployment of content delivery network (CDN) caching components onto virtualized infrastructure from core data centers through network edge locations. Together, Akamai and Wind River provide a market-ready, carrier grade solution for a highly dynamic and high-volume audience that offers interoperability with other pre-validated cloud or Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) orchestration elements. Product benefits include: • Secure management of remote OpenStack elements distributed throughout the carrier network, e.g., at central and regional points of presence (POPs), nano data centers such as access POPs, central offices, headends, etc. • In-service software upgrades of OpenStack elements with backward compatibility between multiple OpenStack versions • Ability to flexibly scale CDN capacity for: – Best-in-class video delivery through traffic engineering optimizations across bottle- neck links – Maximized available hardware utilization for high-audience video-watching scenarios – Elimination of stranded hardware assets • Carrier-class I/O performance meeting the demands of high-audience video delivery from CDN caches VIRTUALIZED CDN (VCDN) FOR OPTIMAL CSP OTT-STYLE VIDEO DELIVERY A network transformation is underway to enable better utilization through software-defined services. Communication service providers (CSPs) are seeking best-of-breed solutions that can help accelerate this transformation. They are also demanding solutions that provide seam- less automation without compromising the "always on" reliability expected from carrier grade systems. CDN solutions will play a central role in the delivery of high-quality video at scale. Furthermore, CDN caching components are ideal candidates for placement throughout the carrier network, including at the network edge. Akamai and Wind River have joined forces to accelerate the deployment of Akamai's Aura virtualized caching components on top of Titanium Cloud deployed at any CSP network location, from core data centers to edge POPs, without sacrificing performance, manageability, security, or reliability. Meeting Performance, Manageability, Security, and Reliability Demands for Communication Service Provider (CSP) Video Delivery Partner Solution Brief Ecosystem Component VNF provider Solution Akamai Aura Licensed CDN Value • Optimizes available hard- ware utilization relative to video audience demand • Increases flexibility in how services, and resources needed for those services, are allocated • Decreases operational costs with a virtualized all- IP delivery infrastructure WHEN IT MATTERS, IT RUNS ON WIND RIVER

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