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AN ECOSYSTEM ENABLING THE PROMISE OF NFV FOR SERVICE PROVIDERS Through the Titanium Cloud ecosystem, Wind River collaborates with industry-leading hardware and software companies to ensure the availability of interoperable standard NFV products optimized for deployment with the Wind River Titanium Cloud NFV infrastructure (NFVI) software platform. Utilizing solutions from the Titanium Cloud ecosystem accelerates time-to-market, reduces schedule risk, and significantly improves the quality of an end-to-end NFV deployment. RELIABILITY AND PERFORMANCE TO INCREASE AVAILABILITY OF NEW SERVICES Meeting the challenges described above requires a high-compute-density, high-bandwidth, highly available hardware platform optimized for an NFV environment. This is where the high-performance, NEBS-capable MaxCore platforms from Artesyn Embedded Technologies come into play, in conjunction with the Titanium Cloud carrier grade software platform. Each Intel ® architecture processor in the system runs Titanium Cloud as the control node or compute node for the NFVI, while the revolutionary Avago ExpressFabric ™ technology that is used as the base for the MaxCore family of platforms delivers the configurability needed for today's flexible application deployment models. With the ability to forward virtual functions to the correct virtual machine no matter where deployed in the system, and the Titanium Cloud support for passing through virtual and physical functions (VF/PF), the solution allows flexible assignment of acceleration functions to the virtual network function (VNF) currently in need of acceleration resources. 2 | Solution Brief OSS/BSS NFV Orchestrators Artesyn MaxCore Server Platform Wind River Titanium Cloud OSS/BSS and NFV Orchestrators Titanium Cloud Ecosystem Server Platforms Virtual Network Functions NFV Infrastructure Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) Virtual Machine vBRAS Virtual Machine vSBC Virtual Machine vRNC Virtual Machine Other Figure 1: Titanium Cloud components with Artesyn MaxCore ARTESYN AND WIND RIVER

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