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Wibu and Wind River

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PROTECTING THE VALUE OF YOUR IOT BUSINESS As OT and IT continue to evolve and become more intertwined, the embedded market is experiencing a resurgence of interest. The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming production facilities into smart factories, utilities into smart grids, and traditional construction work into smart building development. As the concept of Industry 4.0 is becoming reality and cyber- physical systems are getting connected in distributed, flexible industrial networks, plant engineers are also realizing that machine features can be activated or upgraded through software at the point of need to allow a far more fluent relationship between maker and buyer. Established sales processes can be taken to a new level and modular, scalable busi- ness models introduced that are truly responsive to the needs of the market. This transformation results in new products and services for consumers and new revenue streams for the companies providing the infrastructure and services. However, it also brings about new threats as infrastructure providers and service providers contend with the chal- lenge of protecting their more complex systems against cyberattacks, securing the privacy of their clients' information, protecting the integrity of the system, and safeguarding their own intellectual property (IP). Leveraging their deep embedded market and security expertise, Wind River ® and Wibu- Systems ® have partnered to offer manufacturers of embedded systems all-encompassing security capabilities to safeguard their connected devices. This partnership has produced the integration of Wibu-Systems' technology with VxWorks ® . WORLD'S LEADING RTOS TOGETHER WITH AWARD-WINNING HARDWARE-BASED SECURITY Powering billions of intelligent devices, VxWorks is the world's most widely deployed real- time operating system (RTOS). It delivers unrivaled deterministic performance and sets the standard for a scalable, future-proof, safe, and secure operating environment for connected IoT devices. VxWorks enables a full set of software-based security features that can be fur- ther enhanced with Wibu-Systems' CodeMeter ® hardware-based security to enable a com- prehensive solution for security-sensitive applications. Wibu-Systems is an innovative cybersecurity leader in the global software licensing market. Its award-winning CodeMeter solution protects and monetizes the digital know-how of software publishers and intelligent device manufacturers. Once devices, data, and IP in IoT and stand- alone systems are protected, CodeMeter's unique and internationally patented technology integrates seamlessly with a versatile and cloud-based license and entitlement management platform that further monetizes digital know-how. Your Passport to Intellectual Property, Integrity, and Revenue Generation Partner Solution Brief Solution CodeMeter Value • Protecting digital assets • Safeguarding IoT devices • Monetizing Industry 4.0 • Envisioning new business models Summary With client-centric solutions and protection of the invalu- able know-how of intel- ligent device manufacturers, CodeMeter opens up new digital markets. WHEN IT MATTERS, IT RUNS ON WIND RIVER

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