Power of VxWorks in Automotive

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Proven in hundreds of safety-critical projects across multiple industries and certification standards Broad spectrum of embedded processor support: 32-bit, 64-bit, and multi-core capabilities on ARM, Intel, and Power Architecture 20 years' experience in safety certifica- tion software products 3 Level 3 capable automated vehicle brands 23% market share among commercial RTOS vendors 7 missions to Mars 36K + 550 + 350 + 400 + 200 + Level 3 capable automated vehicles shipped running the VxWorks RTOS safety certification programs customers on VxWorks safety platform dedicated automotive engineers automotive projects annually ISO 26262 certifiable to ASIL-D by TÜV MARKET LEADERSHIP DOESN'T JUST HAPPEN. IT'S EARNED. VXWORKS THE #1 COMMERCIALLY DEPLOYED RTOS INDUSTRY-LEADING real-time, deterministic RTOS for safe and secure applications MOST COMPREHENSIVE hypervisor to support hard real-time OSes with true multi-core capability

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