Delivering the Promise of the Software Defined Car

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ENABLING OWNERSHIP: WIND RIVER OFFERS The market's most tested certified virtualization solution. It allows workloads to be consolidated without worry of cross-system contamination. A flexible, secure automotive over-the-air update sol- ution. Updates ensure system longevity through software lifecycle management. Certifiable Wind River Drive adaptive services allow designers to abstract applications from the framework and hardware. A safe and secure software framework provides a basis for decoupling high value-add content from more operational ele- ments of the stack that can be reused to speed devel- opment and lower cost. Wind River can make tomorrow's cars better by drawing from a heritage in mission-critical industries demanding rigorous levels of safety and security. A STRATEGY FOR OWNERSHIP: THE ACRUE MODEL UPDATE: Respond quickly to software threats; develop more efficiently. EXTRAPOLATE: Learn from other domains. REUSE: Reduce costs of deployment; speed time-to-market. CONSOLIDATE: Lower the overall system cost; use less weight and more security. ABSTRACT: Minimize hardware and software dependencies; maintain supply chain integrity. Carmakers are racing to keep up with demands for technology in which they traditionally have limited expertise. How will they effectively manage software and ensure it lasts throughout the lifecycle of the vehicle? To deliver superior in- vehicle experiences, they must take own- ership of the software and begin seeing the car as a deployment platform for new software innovations. This change requires a new model for thinking about the implementation of software—one that lets the OEM fully control the inputs and the outputs. DELIVERING THE PROMISE OF THE SOFTWARE-DEFINED CAR CONNECTED, AUTONOMOUS, AND DRIVEN BY INTELLIGENT SOFTWARE

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