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Helix Virtualization Platform for Industrial Product Overview

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WIND RIVER HELIX VIRTUALIZATION PLATFORM FOR INDUSTRIAL Wind River ® Helix ™ Virtualization Platform consolidates multi-OS and mixed-criticality appli- cations onto a single edge compute software platform, simplifying, securing, and future- proofing designs in the industrial market. This safe, secure, and reliable virtualization platform uses a Type 1 hypervisor to deliver digital transformation capabilities to next-generation equipment technology, allowing it to securely run control automation systems, equipment operational applications, and network communications, as well as process data analytics at the edge. By creating and managing virtual machines (VMs), safety partitioning capabilities can separate safety-critical applications from general-purpose applications, allowing easy implementation of new and legacy systems. FEATURES AND BENEFITS • Proven market excellence: Helix Platform is developed from and includes VxWorks ® , the Wind River market-leading RTOS product line with a rich pedigree of single- and multi- core development, proven in more than 2 billion devices worldwide for aviation, energy, industrial, medical, transportation, and other segments. • Safety certification and partitioning: Safety and reliability are of the utmost importance to any equipment or device maker. Helix Platform has been designed to be certified and to simplify the certification of safety-critical applications according to the stringent require- ments for IEC 61508 industrial functional safety, as well as aviation and automotive safety standards. In addition, its modular, open architecture employs robust partitioning that allows the safe partitioning of a VM running safety-critical applications from interference from other applications and virtual machines. • Support for a mix of unmodified guest operating systems: The Helix Platform hypervisor is OS-agnostic, providing the ability to run any OS, unmodified, inside a VM. Guest OS support includes the leading embedded RTOS, VxWorks; the leading commercial embedded Linux OS, Wind River Linux (and other Linux distributions); Microsoft ® Windows ® ; Android; and other OSes. This allows legacy systems to be run in separate VMs. • Mixed-criticality support: The Helix Platform multi-core scheduler uses hardware vir- tualization technology, allowing the platform to enable virtualization of mixed-criticality unmodified guest OSes. This allows your safe and non-safe applications to run in paral- lel on separate cores, increasing safety, security, and robustness, for example on a train control system or on medical equipment. • Embedded real-time applications: Helix Platform is high performance and determin- istic for the most demanding embedded real-time applications. The Type 1 hypervisor virtualization layer provides full control over how the hardware is configured. It allows for high-performance compute cycles and low-overhead I/O access using the hardware virtualization accelerators available in today's processors. WHEN IT MATTERS, IT RUNS ON WIND RIVER

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