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Consolidate Mission-Critical Capabilities onto a Common Platform That Delivers Integrated End-to-End C4ISR Solutions

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Virtualization for Heterogeneous Applications, from Sensors to Systems and System-to-System Communications CONSOLIDATE MISSION-CRITICAL CAPABILITIES ONTO A COMMON PLATFORM THAT DELIVERS INTEGRATED END-TO-END C4ISR SOLUTIONS THE CHALLENGE The defense industry is broadening its focus from connected warfighters to connected operational environments that integrate air, space, land, sea, and cyber capabilities. This system-of-systems (SoS) approach brings together heterogeneous capabilities from across complex combat environments. The seamless interoperability between systems and applications is key, from ground stations all the way to the aircraft and beyond. How can the military system suppliers standardize all links in the command, control, communications, computer, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) chain, from sensors to system-to-system communications? How can they secure the overall platform against cybersecurity threats? And how can they upgrade capability depending on operational requirements? THE APPROACH At the center of an integrated C4ISR system are cutting-edge virtualization tech- nologies, processors, and sensors that seamlessly integrate connectivity, smart situational awareness, and enhanced decision-making for the connected warfighter. They provide the backbone of efficient operations, acting like a binding agent for all distributed components. This means integrating legacy systems with noncompat- ible interfaces alongside new capabilities such as enhanced computer vision and machine learning. Wind River ® Helix ™ Virtualization Platform can consolidate multiple applications and capabilities onto a single compute platform. This open virtualization solution provides the needed interoperability coupled with robust cybersecurity capabilities to create a comprehensive picture of the battle space. SYSTEM-OF-SYSTEMS CHALLENGES • Standardization: Lack of interoperability of distributed components, making data sharing and communication difficult, if not impossible • Cybersecurity: Requirement that the system cannot be breached • Cost: Software reuse and the need to integrate legacy systems without redeveloping capabilities WIND RIVER SOLUTIONS • Wind River Helix Virtualization Platform: An edge compute platform that can manage unmodified guest operating systems running in virtual machines, consolidating heterogeneous applications for C4ISR systems • VxWorks: The world's leading RTOS, enabling deterministic applications scal- ing from very small compute packages • Wind River Linux: Industry-leading open source operating system for con- necting, securing, and running embed- ded systems and applications • Wind River Simics: Software that allows developers to simulate anything, chip to system, and get the access, automa- tion, and collaboration tools required for agile development practices • Wind River development tools: Powerful tools to save developers time and increase quality 1 C4ISR USE CASE Airborne Surveillance Assets Forward Soldiers Naval Command Multi-domain Operational Control Satellite Battlefield Command Strike Assets Figure 1. System-to-system communications

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