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PROFESSIONAL SERVICES SECURITY REVIEW FOR VXWORKS 7 Enabling Secure Deployment of Devices with VxWorks 7 Datasheet Are you planning to use or are you currently building an embedded device using VxWorks ® 7? Have you identified all of the security requirements for your device to protect your proprietary intellectual property and data against reverse engineering and theft? Are you relying on the myth of air gap security to protect your device against network-based attacks, or are you unsure how to implement secure communications with your device and protect it against evolving security threats? Work with the experts to ensure that security best practices are delivered in your project. The VxWorks 7 SR0600 release now provides security capabilities that were previously only available to customers using the VxWorks Plus platform and Security Profile for VxWorks. These join a best-of-breed set of software-based security features that enable you to deliver cutting-edge, rock-solid security in your devices. This software solution includes: • Secure Boot, which verifies during boot-up that binary images have not been tampered with or corrupted • Secure Runtime Loader, which effectively protects the integrity of the system and safeguards your intellectual property from piracy and code from reverse engineering • Full disk encryption, using AES, enabling secure data at rest • Encrypted container support, using TrueCrypt-compatible AES-encrypted file containers, which safeguards data when the device is powered down • Advanced user management, enabling protection from unauthorized access and enabling the definition and enforcement of user-based policies and permissions • Enhanced network security through VxWorks 7 incorporation of the latest version of Wind River ® SSL as well as Wind River SSH; Wind River cryptography libraries; and Wind River IPsec and IKE, the Wind River implementation of Internet Protocol Security and Internet Key Exchange, all to effectively secure network communications • Time partitioning, to provide resilience against denial-of-service (DOS) network attacks • Security events handler, which enables you to record and monitor conditions that could identify a potential security risk WHEN IT MATTERS, IT RUNS ON WIND RIVER Figure 1. Protect connected devices at every stage with VxWorks Prevent execution of non-authentic code with secure boot. Protect from code tampering and unauthorized access via a secure runtime loader and advanced user management. Secure network communications and prevent attacks with network security features. Safeguard data even when the device is powered down by encrypting data at rest. Boot-up Operation Data Transmission Rest/ Shutdown

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