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Solving the Challenges in Modernization of Medical Devices

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WHEN IT MATTERS, IT RUNS ON WIND RIVER SOLVING THE CHALLENGES IN MODERNIZATION OF MEDICAL DEVICES Wind River Software Solutions and Services Help Device Manufacturers Successfully Get to Market Faster Solution Brief Healthcare cloud. Connected hospital. Smart medical devices. Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). NIST. These are but a few of the terms that have been appearing in the medical device industry over the last few years due to advancing technologies and the practices they influence. They are revelatory of a much more complex development and business environment for medical device manufacturers—one that Wind River ® follows closely. Where historically, medical devices were often stand-alone products—from simple infusion pumps to imaging systems—today they are interconnected end points in a much larger critical medical infrastructure. Data from devices is transported, shared with other systems and institutions, and analyzed. Systems are remotely managed—even from outside the hospital domain. And information is represented visually across more than just the device's own human machine interface (HMI) or UI. It can be shared on smartphones, central stations, PCs, medical tablets, and other types of devices around the hospital—even around the world. At Wind River, we've been actively involved in the transformation of healthcare for decades. With the continuing digitalization of healthcare, we have taken a system-wide view, providing an entire foundational development environment on which companies can build their next- generation medical devices. Wind River delivers software technologies that focus on medical device development through its ecosystem and provides professional services to accelerate design, regulatory clearances, and approvals. Customers can tap into the rich Wind River software technologies portfolio, on which innovative applications and devices are built, and leverage a vast ecosystem of relationships for chip-to-cloud engineering to help simplify the complexities of modern medical system design. Working with Wind River will help unburden your company's resources across software, hardware, and regulatory. You can focus your particular expertise of building in the differentiating value that will make your products competitive in the market, while Wind River can help ensure the safety, security, reliability, regulatory clearances, and approvals required in medical solutions. WHEN IT MATTERS, IT RUNS ON WIND RIVER

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