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INDUSTRY SNAPSHOT Global competition makes it critical for industrial system manufacturers to refresh their products, some of which are 15–20 years old, to make them more flexible and easier to upgrade and patch through software updates than legacy, fixed hardware systems. They also need software developers who know the latest programming and tools and can continuously improve product security, safety, and reliability. Add to this list the need to enable easy software updates, remain price competitive, and, in some cases, minimize the time and cost of certifying systems. Success requires agility and innovation, and this is why Wind River ® invests heavily in its VxWorks ® real-time operating system (RTOS). VxWorks deliv- ers hard real-time performance, determinism, and low latency along with the scalability, security, and safety required for industrial applications, such as robotics, control automation, manufacturing and transportation sys- tems. It is the world's most widely used commercial RTOS, with more than 30 years in the field and billions of deployments. VXWORKS: PIVOTAL TO SUCCESS Utilize Modern Software Development Techniques and Tools The new crop of software developers wants to use the modern program- ming languages and tools they learned in school, not to have to train on old or proprietary software environments. This is why VxWorks leverages low-level virtual machine (LLVM) as a tools foundation to support current INDUSTRIAL SYSTEM CHALLENGES • Develop modern, software- defined systems • Satisfy real-time performance requirements • Lower the cost of safety certification • Implement better security to safeguard systems WHY VXWORKS • Leading RTOS with cutting-edge features and developer tools • Proven track record in safety- critical applications • Various safety certifications • Built-in support for the latest security technologies 1 Stay Ahead of the Curve with the Most Widely Used Commercial RTOS VXWORKS FOR INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS VXWORKS INDUSTRIAL SOLUTION BRIEF

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