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WIND RIVER SIMICS MAXIMIZE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT VELOCITY THROUGH ACCESS, COLLABORATION, AND AUTOMATION Simics enables more efficient development and higher velocity for development and test- ing. With seamless and reliable access to the Simics virtual hardware platform, teams can refine in real time; iterate continuously; and move through design, development, and test quickly to build their system incrementally. Simics improves team communication by provid- ing an environment where team members can share actual running systems and system set- ups with each other, rather than documenting and describing system setups and software behavior. Furthermore, Simics helps shorten development and testing cycles by automating what is impossible to automate with physical hardware. OPTIMIZE SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT Complex and connected systems are difficult to debug and manage. While traditional development tools can help you track down bugs related to a single board or software process, finding a bug in a system of many boards and processor cores is a daunting task. For example, if you stop one process or thread with a traditional debugger, other parts in the system continue to execute, making it impossible to get a globally coherent view of the target system state. Simics provides access to, visibility into, and control over all boards and processor cores in the system. Single-stepping forward and in reverse applies to the system as a whole; the whole system can be inspected and debugged as a unit. Furthermore, a checkpoint—or snapshot—can be created, capturing the entire system state. This state can be passed to another developer, who can then inspect the precise hardware and software state, replay recorded executions, and continue execution as if it had never stopped. Simics Core Processors Memory Storage Devices Network and I/O Virtual Hardware Wind River Simics Virtual Platform Application Software Middleware Drivers, BSP, Firmware, RTOS Hypervisor Model Library CC++, SystemC Python, DML Wind River Customers Ecosystem Off-the-Shelf Target Software Stack Other Tools Such as Sim, Debug, Test Real-World Equipment Virtual Serial, Keyboard, Mouse, Graphics Figure 1. Simulate your entire target system 2 | Product Overview

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