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WIND RIVER SIMICS SUPPORTED TARGET ARCHITECTURES • Arm ® , 32-bit and 64-bit • Intel ® Architecture, 32-bit and 64-bit • Power, 32-bit and 64-bit KEY SIMICS CAPABILITIES • Immediately run a simulation of popular target architectures using the built-in Quick Start Platforms for Arm, Intel, and PowerPC ® that come with Simics. • Simulate your target system, including processors, devices, full boards, and systems. • Run the same software on Simics that runs on the physical target. • Enable everyone with access to the virtual system—within teams, across teams, and with partners and your ecosystem. • Analyze and debug the full system as a unit, not just as a single board. • Debug efficiently by running the simulation forward or in reverse. • Share system state, execution history, and virtual hardware setups with anyone, anywhere. • Resume execution from the exact point at which you last saved it. • Inject faults to test system robustness and test diagnostic software. • Automate manual steps and repetitive tasks with full scripting capability. • Integrate with your existing software development environment and automated work- flows. Or have Wind River Professional Services do it for you. • Integrate physics and environment simulators to build complete system simulations. Or have Wind River Professional Services do it for you. • Use the Simics Eclipse-based, C/C++ source code debugger, or use your standard soft- ware toolset. • Use a prepackaged virtual platform from Wind River, build your own, or have Wind River Professional Services build one for you. Wind River is a global leader in delivering software for the intelligent edge. Its comprehensive portfolio is supported by world-class professional services and support and a broad partner ecosystem. Wind River is accelerating digital transformation of critical infrastructure systems that demand the highest levels of safety, security, and reliability. © 2019 Wind River Systems, Inc. The Wind River logo is a trademark of Wind River Systems, Inc., and Wind River and VxWorks are registered trademarks of Wind River Systems, Inc. Rev. 11/2019

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