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WIND RIVER CLOUD PLATFORM updates and upgrades, your distributed cloud network becomes manageable without your having to disproportionately scale up staff. Furthermore, integrated end-to-end security helps mitigate risk, giving you less to worry about. • Establishing market leadership: Zero-touch provisioning, automatic updates, and dynamic scaling are a few of the features that make Cloud Platform ideal for distributed networks. With the tools needed to easily deploy and manage a diverse distributed cloud network, Cloud Platform is the infrastructure that service providers need now to be first to market with 5G vRAN at scale. • Enabling new revenue streams: A fundamental premise of 5G is that it will enable new low-latency use cases such as autonomous driving, robotics, and a myriad of yet to be imagined innovative services. With an out-of-the-box, optimized, ultra–low-latency, small footprint infrastructure, Cloud Platform offers a highly flexible infrastructure that will grow with your business. • Enabling production-ready Kubernetes: Leverage deployment-ready open source with commercial testing, hardening, and lifecycle support and maintenance. Cloud Platform is a fully supported, open source platform that you can deploy today. KEY FEATURES Any technology that is built to support 5G at the edge will require features such as ultra– low latency, high availability, scalability, and security, but that's just a beginning. In order to effectively deploy and manage a distributed network, Cloud Platform also provides features such as: • Simplified Day 1 and Day 2 operations through zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) and single-pane- of-glass host-level management • Ultra-low latency with deterministic performance optimized per use case • Support for a single compute node at the far edge • Scalability from one to many nodes from edge to core • Orchestration of fully automated upgrade deployments across geo-distributed cloud, with roll back and forward • Fully integrated security by design • Automatic workload migration • High availability with zero downtime for applications USE CASES 5G vRAN With millions of cell sites deployed globally, connecting billions of customers, radio ac- cess networks (RANs) make up what is arguably the most important distributed network infrastructure in the world. The number of cell sites is expected to increase exponentially with 5G, driving the industry toward virtualizing the RAN in order to consolidate and save on equipment costs. 2 | Product Overview CONTAINER SERVICES AT A GLANCE • Docker runtime with Kubernetes orchestration • Local in-cluster Docker Registry • Container networking: Calico, Multus, SR-IOV • Kubernetes persistent storage backed by Ceph • Kubernetes CPU Manager • Kubernetes Topology Manager • Node Feature Discovery

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