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5G Technologies Promise to Increase Product Innovations, Improve Performance, and Save Costs for the Industrial Segment 5G WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY DRIVES NEW INDUSTRIAL USE CASES THE CHALLENGE Industrial companies create the products and services that drive daily life for busi- nesses, consumers, and economies, but in a competitive business world they need to produce innovative products in an efficient and cost-effective way. To give a few examples: It is essential to modernize equipment on the manufacturing floor to increase both speed and economy of production. Meanwhile, expanding the capa- bilities of industrial robots to better collaborate with humans and be mobile means that, with quicker access to data, they can increase production performance and also be functionally safe and secure while operating within the factory. And to ex- pand energy production with technologies such as wind farms, for more reliable and economical energy production, intensive monitoring and control of equipment in often remote landscapes is vital. How can industrial equipment companies keep pace with the push to economize and modernize, to be more data-centric, and to provide safety and security in the face of constant innovation? THE APPROACH One technology that shows promise for increasing security, cost-effectiveness, per- formance, and actionable data is 5G technology. 5G is the fifth generation of mo- bile networking technology, following 4G and working on the same principles. Yet 5G NR (New Radio) air-interface technology will provide higher levels of scalability and flexibility that will enable much broader functionality for industrial segments (not to mention the public) to utilize. 5G wireless technology will provide improved speed, reduced latency, and the abil- ity to connect more devices at once. Additionally, 5G will bring a new level of wire- less service that merges all the basic functions of previous wireless generations and delivers new networking technology offering the type of wireless coverage and new use cases that will stir the imagination. 5G INDUSTRIAL USE CASES NEW 5G INDUSTRIAL USE CASES • 5G transforming the manufacturing floor • 5G enabling mobile industrial robots • 5G remote monitoring and control of wind farms WIND RIVER SOLUTIONS • VxWorks: The world's leading real-time operat- ing system, enabling deterministic applications for embedded solutions. Widely used for operating industrial equipment from control automation, energy processing, medical devices, robotics, trans- portation systems, and more, VxWorks is ready to be the real-time platform for high-speed 5G industrial applications. • Wind River Linux: Industry-leading open source op- erating system for connecting, securing, and running embedded systems and applications. Wind River Linux provides an open operating system ready to provide a cost-effective foundation for 5G wireless connected industrial equipment and enables use of containerization for flexible, agile application installations. • Wind River Helix Virtualization Platform: A flexible edge compute software platform that can manage unmodified guest OSes running industrial applica- tions or workloads in virtual machines, consolidating workloads for equipment for control automation, energy production, medical, transportation systems, and more. • Wind River Cloud Platform: An open source, pro- duction grade, distributed Kubernetes for managing edge cloud infrastructure. Based on the OpenStack StarlingX project, Cloud Platform represents a com- pilation of best-in-class open source technology that delivers the features needed to effectively deploy and manage distributed networks. Ready to provide 5G network capabilities. • Wind River Titanium Control: An on-premise cloud infrastructure platform that enables digital transformation from legacy hardware to a virtual- ized automation environment, reducing OPEX and increasing agility. It uses either virtual machines or application containers to run industrial equipment connected via the 5G wireless network.

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