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1 | Data Sheet VXWORKS 7 BOARD SUPPORT PACKAGES AND DEVICE DRIVERS COURSE DESCRIPTION The VxWorks® 7 Board Support Packages and Device Drivers course provides engineers with a fast, cost-effective way to acquire the knowledge necessary to port VxWorks to customer hardware. After this course, participants will be able to perform the following: • Explain the architecture of the VxWorks 7 board support pack- age (BSP) • Create a flattened device t ee fil • Boot VxWorks 7 with VxBL and U-Boot boot loaders • Explain the kernel initialization sequence and its routines • Create and make add-on VxWorks kernel components available in the kernel configuration edito • Implement a VxWorks I/O system driver and access I/O devices from both user and kernel space • Explain the VxBus general architecture and describe how VxBus device drivers are managed and integrated • Explain the roles of ttyDrv, tyLib, and implement and integrate a serial driver • Implement and integrate a timer driver • Initialize, configu e and integrate END drivers Hands-on exercises are included, utilizing the Wind River Simics® virtual target. PRODUCTS SUPPORTED • VxWorks 7 • Wind River Workbench 4 for VxWorks 7 COURSE FORMAT • This three-day expert-led course consists of lectures and lab sessions. • Attendees use VxWorks 7, Workbench 4, and Simics to gain experience with the topics presented. • Participants receive individual guidance from an expert engineer who has extensive experience with Wind River technologies. AUDIENCE • Developers planning to write a BSP for a new board on a sup- ported architecture • Device driver developers • Application programmers interested in learning what occurs at the hardware level of a VxWorks image • Senior engineers who will decide on a final p oduction image of their product PREREQUISITE SKILLS • C programming, including experience with structures, pointers, pointers to structures, typedefs, macros, and bitwise operators • Functional knowledge of Linux or Windows host operating systems • Experience using the Workbench debugger to debug target code Course title: VxWorks 7 Board Support Packages and Device Drivers Duration: Three days Format: Instructor-led lectures and hands-on lab sessions; instructor-led Live Remote delivery available Content: Day 1: Introduction to VxWorks BSPs; Flattened Device Tree; Boot Loaders for VxWorks 7; VxWorks 7 BSP Infrastructure Day 2: Kernel Initialization; Component Description Language; VxWorks I/O Interface Day 3: VxBus and Device Driver Fundamentals; Serial Driver; Timer Driver; VxWorks Network Driver ™ EDUCATION SERVICES WHEN IT MATTERS, IT RUNS ON WIND RIVER

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