The Digital Transformation of Energy Production

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THE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION OF ENERGY PRODUCTION There are a number of emerging technologies at play with modern energy production, each contributing to the transformative process in a unique way. Take a look … 5G WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY Enhanced speed and communication capabilities delivered by 5G technology transforms energy utilities into network operators that work with customers and solution providers to optimize energy distribution. DIGITAL SUBSTATION AUTOMATION Allow for dynamic protection settings to bolster security and enable dynamic energy grids that can lessen the environmental impact and reduce dependency on non-renewable power resources. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Informed by real-time data analytics, AI enables energy network assets to perform intelligent functions autonomously for rapid analysis of energy sources and distribution of power. VIRTUALIZATION Virtualization allows use of virtual machines and containers to enable easier, faster installations and upgrades of grid and power substation systems. To find out how Wind River helps energy companies digitally transform, visit

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