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Software Security Across the Intelligent Edge

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10 Security Worksheet for the New Digital World ARE YOU ORGANIZING FOR A NEW DIGITAL AND VOLATILE, UNCERTAIN, COMPLEX, AND AMBIGUOUS (VUCA) WORLD? 1. Are you increasingly working with new design security requirements for your devices? 2. Is the VUCA world we live in seen as an asset by the organization, and do security requirements hold you back or accelerate your ability to thrive? 3. Is your core security strategy likely to be very different in five years' time, as you digitally transform as an organization? ARE YOU SUCCESSFULLY TRANSFORMING OR INAD- VERTENTLY EXPANDING YOUR THREAT SURFACE? 1. Is your security strategy focused primarily on end points, or is it a truly system-level approach encom- passing the cloud and providing a chain of custody for the data at the heart of digital transformation? 2. Do you have an established methodology for the simultaneous development of functionality and the security elements of your embedded systems and, if so, does this methodology support the proliferation of threats that come with digital transformation? 3. Does your system architecture support efficient management of and updates to edge devices from deployment onward, anticipating the next generation of security threats and affording the flexibility required to ensure security across decades in the field? 4. Do your existing enterprise security tools recognize the diverse industry-specific protocols of your edge systems and, if not, how will you detect intrusion over these protocols as digital transformation accelerates enterprise and edge convergence? 500 Wind River Way, Alameda, CA 94501, USA Toll-free: 800-545-9463 5. Does your enterprise security perimeter encompass devices deployed to the field and, if not, how will you ensure secure connectivity between these devices and the enterprise? IS YOUR DATA IN THE CLEAR? 1. Will systems you develop be part of the 98% of IoT devices sending data in the clear, or will you encrypt your data? 2. Do you have a clear understanding of the deployment environment into which your systems will be fielded, the attacks that environment may be subject to, and how the deployment environment may or may not introduce privacy considerations? 3. Do you have a testing strategy to address the full range of threats to data security? DO YOU HAVE THE NECESSARY KNOWLEDGE TO SUCCEED AS YOU NEAR THE EDGE? 1. Do you have access to engineering talent with the diverse set of skills required for the development, deployment, and maintenance of today's IoT devices and related systems? 2. Do you have a digital experience strategy that will ensure that your devices are readily operable by a majority Millennial and digital-native workforce? 3. Do you have a complete understanding of the supply chain your device fits into — including your software supply chain — and encompassing after-market suppliers? Appendix

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