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AI Technologies Transform Industrial Control Automation

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1 AI-enabled industrial control automation creates fresh opportunities to innovate and adapt man- ufacturing processes, building on a foundation of digital transformation and network advances across the intelligent edge. Industry 4.0 technologies are motivating manufacturers to transform their legacy processes: The global industrial automation market is an- ticipated to grow at a CAGR of 7.2% during 2019–2026. 1 Driving forces include wireless 5G networking, the emergence of the intelligent edge, AI-infused processors, AI-enabled automation, software-defined infra- structures, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and augmented and virtual reality. Improved efficiency is at the heart of many Industry 4.0 breakthroughs, but opportunities also arise from innovative technologies — for example, adaptive manufacturing enables companies to release products and solutions uniquely tailored to specific customer preferenc- es, adjusting manufacturing processes on the fly. In a March 2019 article, "Industry 4.0: 7 Real-World Examples of Digital Manufacturing in Action," Autonomous Manufacturing (AMFG) described the situation in these terms: "Industry 4.0 is signaling a change in the traditional manufacturing landscape. Also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0 encompasses three technological trends driving this transformation: connectivity, intelligence, and flexible automation." 2 Manufacturing industries have traditionally lagged behind other business sectors, clinging to outmoded legacy systems and missing the opportu- nities granted by automating traditional processes. But this attitude is changing at many companies, as leaders see the benefits. 1 Acumen Research and Consulting: .acumenresearchandconsulting.com/industrial-automa tion-market 2 AMFG, March 2019: amfg.ai/2019/03/28/industry-4-0-7-real-world-examples-of-digital-manufac turing-in-action 3 "Robotics in the Age of Industry 4.0," Assembly Magazine, May 2020: .assemblymag.com/arti cles/95694-robotics-in-the-age-of-industry-40 4 Acumen Research and Consulting: .acumenresearchandconsulting.com/industrial-automation-market Industry 4.0 Prompts New Trends in Manufacturing "Some of our largest customers have global initiatives for Industry 4.0 adop- tion. Within the next five years, there's go- ing to be a big focus on connectivity." 3 — Chris Blanchette, Executive Director for Global Accounts, FANUC America Corporation $287.9B Acumen Research and Consulting forecasts that the global industrial automation market will reach USD 287.9 billion by 2026. 4

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