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DevSecOps in the Automotive Sector

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8 Challenges presented by the increasing prevalence of software-defined vehicle operations are capably met by a portfolio of solutions from Wind River. VxWorks, Wind River Linux, Wind River Helix™ Virtualiza- tion Platform, and Simics have all been used in the automotive sector. Wind River Studio is a new integrated cloud platform that has been add- ed to this portfolio. These solutions have been tempered and tuned in vast array of mission-critical deployments, including energy, aerospace, defense, medical, and manufacturing. When used in combination as part of platform solutions or infrastructure elements, these compo- nents can often save time in meeting certification requirements. • VxWorks: The world's leading commercial real-time operating system (RTOS), VxWorks offers strong support for DevSecOps workflows for creating intelligent vehicle applications. During the development stage, VxWorks handles source code creation, code analysis, build and unit test, and repository management. VxWorks also supports Adaptive AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture (AUTOSAR), created by a development partnership of automotive entities establishing standards for automotive ECUs. • Wind River Linux: Wind River Linux delivers commercial-grade functionality for embedded development and offers useful features for automotive applications, including rapid deployment of microser- vices and updates using container technology. • Wind River Studio: Wind River Studio developer capabilities are integrated to deliver the only full-lifecycle management platform for intelligent systems at digital scale. Studio reengineers development workflows into solution sets that reduce development costs and ac- celerate capabilities for building, testing, and deploying on the edge. "The Wind River Professional Ser- vices team brings decades of experi- ence in hardening the security around embedded devices to protect them from cybersecurity threats." 9 9 blogs.windriver.com/wind_river_blog/2020/03/tools-for-agile-development Wind River Solutions

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