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Wind River ® Titanium Security Suite from Star Lab, the Wind River Technology Protection and Cybersecurity Group, offers offers the most robust Linux system hardening and security capabilities available on the market today for operationally deployed Linux systems. Designed using a threat model that assumes an attacker will gain root (admin) access to your system, Titanium Linux maintains the integrity and confidentiality of critical applications, data, and configurations while assur- ing operations. Titanium Linux is compatible with Wind River Linux, Red Hat, CentOS, Ubuntu, RedHawk, and other embedded Linux distributions. Simplifies Mandatory Access Control 1. Denies by default access to protected entities even from root-level users. 2. Controls and restricts direct access to system hardware resources, such as peripherals and storage devices. 3. Enables secure software updates. Enables OS Hardening & Attack Surface Reduction 1. Prevents unsigned module loading and enforces keychain controls. 2. Limits an attacker's ability to debug or subvert protected applications and their libraries. 3. Removes kernel functionality and features. Titanium Linux simplifies Manda- tory Access Control (MAC) policy creation, requiring only policies for pro- tected applications, libraries, scripts and data files. Titanium Linux removes unneces- sary OS functionality which could help an attacker analyze a system for ways to alter execution flow and bypass security. Titanium Linux Wind River Titanium Security Suite 1

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