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Titanium Secure Hypervisor from Star Lab, the Wind River ® Technology Protection and Cyberse- curity Group, enables system engineers to leverage virtualization to enhance the integrity and upgrad- ability of defense systems that operate in the most hostile computing environments. Virtualization of embedded systems is a reality due to the availability of COTS hardware designed specifically to support virtualization. This emerg- ing hardware allows Titanium Secure Hypervisor to be highly performant. Guarantees Security & Resiliency 1. Separates and isolates system components (services and functions) via strong, hardware-enforced boundaries, so interfaces between components are explicitly controlled. 2. Enables system engineers to deploy security service domains such as VPN domains, cryptographic service domains, security monitoring domains and encrypted storage domains. 3. Removes unneeded features and components from the hypervisor and common service domains to greatly reduce attack surface. 4. Leverages existing fault-tolerant protocols and recovery techniques to ensure functional and security service domains overcome, respond to and recover from suspected compromise. 5. Unlocks potential to deploy aggressive and entirely new attack response actions while minimizing risk to operations. Titanium Secure Hypervisor enables combat systems to survive and operate- through cyberat- tacks with advanced isolation, attack sur- face minimization and cyber resiliency capabilities. Titanium Secure Hypervisor Wind River Titanium Security Suite of NIST 800-53 operational controls for federal systems addressed. 100% 1

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