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Intelligent Edge Technologies for Aviation

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WIND RIVER LINUX For non–real-time workloads, including mission-critical ones, Wind River provides a POSIX-compliant operating system for the deployment of reliable, secure, high-per- formance software. Wind River Linux is well suited to use in a modern cloud-native development practice, with robust support for VMs and popular containers technolo- gies, including Docker and Kubernetes. Wind River Linux has achieved conformance to the latest Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) Technical Standard, Edition 3.0, for the Operating System Segment (OSS) that supports the General Purpose Profile (GPP). In addition, enhanced security and cyber system hardening capabil- ities are available for aerospace and defense use cases with Wind River Star Lab Titanium Security Suite. WIND RIVER HELIX VIRTUALIZATION PLATFORM As a real-time embedded Type 1 hypervisor based on VxWorks, Wind River Helix™ Virtualization Platform is an ideal substrate for running virtualized, mixed-criticality, mixed-OS workloads on shared hardware. The environ- ment enables side-by-side operation of real-time and non– real-time workloads on a range of hardware architectures, including Intel ® and Arm ® -based processor platforms. Helix Platform also supports combinations of containers and VMs, including mixed, nested combinations of both for maximum flexibility. Additionally, Helix Platform has si- multaneous support for airborne platforms such as ARINC 653 APEX API, POSIX, and FACE. WIND RIVER SIMICS During development, teams can rely on Wind River Simics ® to accurately simulate the interaction of software with real-world hardware systems, without need for the actual equipment. During testing and certification, Simics auto- mates test cases, reducing time, staff, and cost require- ments. Development teams can also adopt new approach- es such as digital twins and security penetration testing as they experiment, debug, and collaborate on solutions. CONCLUSION Even as intelligent edge technologies redefine current aviation systems, they also set the stage for emerging future use cases, from reimagined airspace monitoring and control to autonomous vertical lift urban air mobility vehicles. In the future, the intelligent edge will be the site of dramatic innovations, moving passengers, cargo, and data to their destinations. Wind River builds tools with the security, reliability, and cost-efficiency needed to enable that spirit of fearless invention. For more about how Wind River powers the next generation of aviation, visit windriver.com/solutions/ aerospace-and-defense. Wind River is a global leader of software for the intelligent edge. Its technology has been powering the safest, most secure devices since 1981 and is in billions of products. Wind River is accelerating the intelligent transformation of mission-critical edge systems that demand the highest levels of security, safety, and reliability. © 2021 Wind River Systems, Inc. The Wind River logo is a trademark of Wind River Systems, Inc., and Wind River and VxWorks are registered trademarks of Wind River Systems, Inc. Rev. 06/2021

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