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Intelligence at the Edge Enables Next-Gen Robotics

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1 AI Underlies a Smarter Breed of Robots We've come a long way since Gort, the alien robot enforcer in the 1951 film The Day the Earth Stood Still, threatened humankind with ultimate de- struction if changes were not made. Today, smart machine technologies and the intelligent edge have created tremendous opportunities as Indus- try 4.0 concepts and practices reshape everything from autonomous automobiles to pharmaceutical labs to robot-guided manufacturing processes. Drawing on a broad swath of supporting scientific endeavors and dis- ciplines — including space exploration, social and behavioral sciences, computational and system biology, neuroscience, and more — indus- trial robots are gaining senses and reasoning powers akin to those of humans. Exciting developments in the field of affective computing are leading to robots and devices that can visually recognize faces and objects, interpret activities in their immediate surroundings, process complex inputs to drive deterministic decision-making, and enhance interactions with humans. Cobots, AI-enabled collaborative robots designed to work in concert with humans to perform difficult tasks, are increasingly being developed for specialized activities. Sensor-equipped cobots that can use touch, computer vision, balance, positional feedback, work cell monitoring, and navigational capabilities are ushering in a new era of robotics. Work- places, manufacturing floors, smart cities, and home environments can all benefit from connectivity to the intelligent edge. 5G networking, low-latency wireless communications, advanced machine learning, and breakthroughs in AI are all helping fuel these new opportunities. "The world is moving from a human- based internet to a machine-to- machine internet. We are talking here about Industrial IoT, where the internet itself thinks." — Andrei Kholodnyi, Principal Technologist, Wind River

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