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Intelligence at the Edge Enables Next-Gen Robotics

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9 Tools and solutions from Wind River ® help speed robotics development at the intelligent edge, combining expertise in 5G networking, container technology, embedded solutions running on a real-time operating system, artificial intelligence, ma- chine learning, and simulations of complex systems for testing and development. Solutions from Wind River are accelerating the development of intelligent edge applications, powering industrial infra- structures and delivering proven reliability. Our customers rely on our deep industry experience to support edge comput- ing and 5G, complementary technologies that are turning the vision of intelligent IIoT solutions into a reality. • Wind River Studio: This cloud-native platform is a secure foundation for the development, deployment, operations, and servicing of vital intelligent edge systems. Optimized for DevSecOps methodologies, Studio enables application teams to employ continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) workflows, drawing on agile development practices. These capabilities are paramount to the future of intelligent machines and responsive cloud- based infrastructures. • VxWorks ® : The world's leading commercial real-time operating system (RTOS), VxWorks now includes support for container technology, providing an effective means for keeping applications up to date on the intelligent edge. Well suited to high-performance IIoT applications, VxWorks is a mainstay in process control automation, robotics, and intelligent vehicle applications. To support industrial implementation, certifications are in place for IEC 61508 SIL 3, ISO 26262 ASIL D, and IEC 62304. • Wind River Linux: With robust support for container technology, Wind River Linux delivers a ready means of loading and patching applications dynamically in an industrial automation system and across additive and adaptive manufacturing environments. • Wind River Simics ® : This comprehensive system simulation environment streamlines design, development, and testing of complex intelligent industrial automation systems. Simics accommodates DevSecOps software practices and enables teams to shorten development cycles and test embedded system designs before the physical hardware is available. • Wind River Helix™ Virtualization Platform: Helix Platform supports virtualized frameworks in intelligent process control systems, spanning hybrid networks and multiple operating systems. Enabling Robots at the Edge: Wind River Solutions Enabling Robots at the Edge: Wind River Solutions 500 Wind River Way, Alameda, CA 94501, USA Toll-free: 800-545-9463 Wind River is a global leader of software for the intelligent edge. Its technology has been powering the safest, most secure devices since 1981 and is in billions of products. Wind River is accelerating the digital transformation of mission-critical intelligent systems that demand the highest levels of security, safety, and reliability. © 2021 Wind River Systems, Inc. The Wind River logo is a trademark of Wind River Systems, Inc., and Wind River and VxWorks are registered trademarks of Wind River Systems, Inc. Rev. 07/2021

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