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Virtualization: A Critical Capability for Service Provider Success in IoT, 5G & Beyond

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© HEAVY READING | MARCH 2017 | VIRTUALIZATION FOR IOT, 5G & BEYOND 12 CONCLUSION There is a degree of wishful thinking going on in the mobile industry, with laggard operators believing that they can go into IoT catchup mode at a later date, and still win. If they do this, they will almost definitely miss the IoT window of opportunity. One of the most significant requirements is for operators to have a virtual core as a mecha- nism to accelerate IoT services. Too many of them are still apprehensive about embracing this technology for IoT; consequently, this will prove to be a barrier to their success. Many are trying different approaches, including hybrid setup, and it appears now as if the two IoT industry leaders – Vodafone and AT&T – are the only ones with a clear line of sight. If service providers embrace virtualization – including the virtual core and virtual edge – they will be able to move beyond connectivity and provide other services. What are the services that they can sell and monetize? One is the versatility and adaptability of service creation to meet the changing business models of customers, which, in turn, will create new opportuni-ties that haven't previously been considered. These opportunities are going to be diverse and unlikely to be homogenous, across either one specific industry or a group of industries. Other services could include managing the portfolios of devices, applications and services going forward, or providing endpoint to cloud security, which most enterprises don't have the wherewithal to do. The provision of holistic security continuity is becoming increasingly difficult with the introduction of fog. Operators could also deliver integrated analytics capa- bility, and data management: where it is stored, how it is tiered and what portions are transmitted. This would include dataflow analysis and insight analysis as managed services. Additionally, if they have an identical high-reliability virtual server operating on the industrial side of the edge, there is the possibility for end-to-end carrier-grade enhanced applications and tailored capability.

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