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1. Market-leading, Yocto Project Compatible, cross-architecture commercial embedded Linux platform: Wind River Linux is the market-leading industry standard for commercial embedded Linux, with over 48% of the embedded Linux market, according to VDC Research Group. As the maintainer of key components to the Yocto Project and a founding member, Wind River is a leader and dedicated contributor to the open source community. The Yocto Project is an open source collaboration that provides standardized, high-quality infrastructure, tools, and methodology to increase the portability and decrease the complexity of Linux implementations. Providing a common build system and core technologies, the Yocto Project is helping an embedded Linux market that has long been plagued by expensive and time-consuming fragmentation. With the technical flexibility of the Yocto Project, you can solve the business problem of needing to scale one common runtime environment across a variety of any-size, any-industry, any-architecture Internet of Things (IoT) devices—small, medium, and large footprint devices can leverage the same solution, same code base, and same technical infrastructure. This ability saves money, drives efficiency, and simplifies technological complexity through convergence. With Wind River Linux, a new delivery mechanism provides an improved out-of-the-box experience for greater software deployment and build tool flexibility. Delivered as source or binaries, Wind River Linux gives developers maximum control over runtime development, allowing portability and integration for a variety of applications, from industrial automation to networking products to IoT. TOP 10 REASONS YOU CAN TRUST YOUR BUSINESS TO WIND RIVER LINUX Since 2004, Wind River ® Linux has delivered the best of open source technology, integrated and optimized for embedded development, with the vision, innovation, and business-risk mitigation only a mature technology vendor can provide. Our customers use our platforms to create groundbreaking devices more quickly and cost-effectively. Here are the top 10 reasons our customers choose Wind River Linux over other commercial and roll-your-own alternatives: 1 WHEN IT MATTERS, IT RUNS ON WIND RIVER

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