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Agile development principles—which rely on fast, successive iterations based on collaborative teams using continuous feedback—are revolutionizing how software is made. Compared to waterfall or other more serialized processes, Agile techniques are helping organizations produce higher quality software, more quickly, with far greater flexibility. This is allowing businesses to rapidly respond to changing customer needs, competitive challenges, and new strategic opportunities. The bottom line: Agile is proving very good for business. Hampered by Hardware Unfortunately, many embedded software development teams have been watching the Agile revolution from the sidelines. Unlike their counterparts who develop for websites, desktop applications, or other software-based platforms, embedded developers build software directly for hardware. And that has posed a host of challenges. But Simics offers a new virtual hardware development environment that helps embedded software teams embrace the Agile revolution. Simics is a virtual software environment that simulates your hardware system. It provides an accessible, flexible, and collaborative development platform for helping your organization go Agile. By freeing embedded software teams from the constraints of physical hardware and providing a common, collaborative development platform, Simics catalyzes operational improvements, product innovations, and bottom-line efficiencies to bring critical competitive advantages to your organization. SOLUTION BRIEF With Wind River ® Simics ® , organizations can reap the business benefits of progressive development methods to create and deliver better software, faster. Simics Brings Agile Practices to Embedded Software The Challenge Hard to share, difficult to manage, and often late in arriving, hardware has held back embedded soft- ware teams from embracing Agile methods. 43% of embedded software developers report communications and coordination challenges in adopting Agile methods. Source: Standish Group & VDC Research WHEN IT MATTERS, IT RUNS ON WIND RIVER

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