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Cybersecurity and Secure Deployments

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AUTOMATING THE IMPOSSIBLE Since in Simics anything is scriptable, time can be controlled, and the system can be altered in any way, it becomes possible to automate what would not otherwise be possible. For example, hardware can be forced to break repeatedly and deterministically. Fuzz testing can be automated in new ways. Test programs can be set up to automatically create any number of new boards, loaded with pre-defined software stacks and able to execute from any given point in any given state. Combined with the ability to change software loads programmatically on a given set of virtual boards, these capabilities allow varying test combinations to be completely automated. An important and often overlooked aspect of virtual hardware is that it is more stable and reliable than physical hardware. Hardware labs (with hardware lab equipment) tend to be susceptible to failures and sensitive to disturbance. The larger the lab, the more sensitive it can become as complexity increases. Checking results from an automated test system after overnight testing, one may find that tests were broken or interrupted, costing several hours or days in delays. Engineers may also have to spend time analyzing a reported problem to determine whether the issue lies with the system being developed or the test system itself, which cuts into productivity. With virtual hardware, running on stable servers, the test system becomes more trustworthy, and all test teams, regardless of locations, can save time that might otherwise be lost when test automation is performed on physical hardware only. CONCLUSION Increasing automation, digital information, and interconnection of critical systems all raise the complexity of developing and maintaining secure systems. Developers of critical systems need tools that can help them stay a step ahead of increasingly sophisticated attackers. System simulation technology provides an efficient and effective means of researching, analyzing, and testing a wide variety of attack methods and security countermeasures in a flexible and scalable environment, and in ways that would simply not be feasible with physical systems. In a world that is ever more dependent on the safe and reliable performance of interconnected systems, simulation gives cyber professionals a way to gain the upper hand. Wind River is a global leader of software for the intelligent edge. Its technology has been powering the safest, most secure devices since 1981 and is in billions of products. Wind River is ac- celerating the intelligent transformation of mission-critical edge systems that demand the highest levels of security, safety, and reliability. © 2021 Wind River Systems, Inc. The Wind River logo is a trademark of Wind River Systems, Inc., and Wind River and VxWorks are registered trademarks of Wind River Systems, Inc. Rev. 01/2021 CYBERSECURITY AND SECURE DEPLOYMENTS

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