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Evolve Control Automation Management Capabilities for Industry 4.0 Benefits

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run multiple applications—such as control management, data ana- lytics, safety-critical and non–safety-critical applications, and legacy applications—all on a single system. Additionally, the hypervisor can securely partition a VM running a safety-critical application to ensure that there is no interference or conflict from any other application or function running in another VM. This virtualization platform can be the foundation for an industrial workload con- solidation solution at the factory edge. Helix Platform includes VxWorks, Wind River Linux, and Wind River Simics ® . VxWorks VxWorks is a real-time operating system used in more than 2 bil- lion devices in aerospace, industrial, medical, transportation, and other markets. Its small footprint enables deterministic applica- tions scaling from very small compute packages to complex manufacturing systems and avionics systems. It works across the majority of Arm and x86 processor architectures. When used within a VM managed by Helix Platform, it can run safety-critical applications, essential applications that require real-time or deterministic functions to operate an important system. Wind River Linux Wind River Linux is the embedded operating system of choice for IIoT software developers who want a combination of open source flexibility, commercial grade reliability, and support to help minimize the total cost of ownership. Wind River Linux delivers vital components for the productization and commercialization of any IoT device. Within a Helix Platform workload consolidation solution, a Wind River Linux VM can be established to run Linux applications, such as communications. Wind River Simics Simics simulates systems—from the smallest to the most complex—so a product developer can adopt new development techniques that are simply not possible with physical hardware. By moving from physical hardware to a virtual lab, embedded software teams can transform crucial aspects of their processes to create innovative products. Wind River Development Tools To create a workload consolidation solution for your specific manufacturing components and needs, Wind River provides powerful and time-saving development tools. The Wind River Workbench suite of development tools allows the developer to configure the operating system, analyze and tune the software, and debug an entire system. Wind River Diab Compiler helps boost application performance; reduce memory footprint; and produce high-quality, standards-compliant object code for embedded systems. THE RESULT Using the Helix Platform hypervisor together with VxWorks, Wind River Linux, and Wind River development tools, a workload consolidation solution for control automation for a factory machine can be developed for a wide variety of industrial manufactur- ing machines. Rather than several separate control automation compute platforms operating on a machine, each control compute system can be consolidated into separate virtual machines on a single multi-core compute platform. A typical configuration is shown below: Components of the solution in Figure 1 are: • Multi-core system (ARM, x86) • Helix Platform • VxWorks real-time operating system • Wind River Linux operating system – VMs running VxWorks and guest OSes – Machine 1: PLC control management system – Machine 2: DCS control management system – Machine 3: HMI, possibly running on guest Windows OS – Machine 4: Wind River Linux OS running safety, communica- tions, analytics, or legacy applications – Machines 5 and 6: Optional add-ons To learn more about VxWorks, virtualization, or Helix Platform, visit, or contact Physical Devices DCS Analyzer Monitoring Safety Systems Wireless Gateway PLC Virtualized Functions (Level 1–3) Virtual Machine PLC Virtual Machine DCS Virtual Machine HIS Virtual Machine Other Wind River Helix Virtualization Platform - Hypervisor Multi-core Platform INDUSTRIAL USE CASE Wind River is a global leader in delivering software for IoT. Its technology is found in more than 2 billion devices and is backed by world-class professional services and customer support. Wind River is accelerating digital transformation of critical infrastructure systems that demand the highest levels of safety, security, performance, and reliability. © 2019 Wind River Systems, Inc. The Wind River logo is a trademark of Wind River Systems, Inc., and Wind River and VxWorks are registered trademarks of Wind River Systems, Inc. Rev. 01/2019 Figure 1. Control automation on a factory machine

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