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Evolve Control Automation Management Capabilities for Industry 4.0 Benefits

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Workload Consolidation Extends System Functions to Gain Cost Savings and Data Analytics and Meet High Safety and Security Standards EVOLVE CONTROL AUTOMATION MANAGEMENT CAPABILITIES FOR INDUSTRY 4.0 BENEFITS THE CHALLENGE As global manufacturers face increasing competition, optimizing the efficiency, productivity, and quality levels within their processes or discreet manufacturing facilities is becoming a matter of business survival. Existing factory infrastructure is aged and inefficient, often using multiple separate systems based on software platforms as old as the buildings they operate in. How can a manufacturing company significantly reduce the cost and complexity of system management, maintenance, safety, and security? Additionally, how can factory personnel monitor and measure processes as they occur, obtain real-time data analytics, and take action immediately when intervention is required? THE APPROACH The weight of these challenges is driving industrial companies to bring greater intelligence to the factory floor and field locations. With recent Industry 4.0 software innovations, industries are able to bring more intelligent edge-based industrial control solutions to manufacturers globally. Wind River ® Helix ™ Virtualization Platform can take multiple separate control auto- mation systems on a machine and consolidate the workloads on a single compute platform. This workload consolidation solution will allow a manufacturer to increase control management capabilities, analyze data for timely actions, and conduct predic- tive maintenance. The platform also provides high levels of safety and security to the manufacturing equipment to safeguard system and factory personnel. Wind River Helix Virtualization Platform Helix Platform is a real-time, embedded, Type 1 hypervisor that runs on Arm ® or x86 multi-core processors. It can manage unmodified guest operating systems running in virtual machines (VMs) in machines and devices targeting a broad range of market segments, including aerospace, industrial, medical, transportation, and more. Helix Platform's hypervisor can manage independent VMs running VxWorks ® , Wind River Linux, and other unmodified guest operating systems such as Windows and Android. With these capabilities, system developers can consolidate and reliably INDUSTRIAL CHALLENGES • Significantly reduce the cost and complexity of control automation systems, factory system manage- ment, maintenance, safety, and security at the factory edge • Monitor and measure processes for immediate actions WIND RIVER SOLUTIONS • Wind River Helix Virtualization Platform: A real-time, embedded, Type 1 hypervisor that can man- age unmodified guest operating systems running in virtual machines, consolidating workloads for factory control automation • VxWorks: The world's leading RTOS, enabling deterministic applications scaling from very small compute packages • Wind River Linux: Industry-leading open source operating system for connecting, securing, and running IIoT systems, networks, and devices • Wind River Simics: Allows develop- ers to simulate anything, chip to sys- tem, and get the access, automation, and collaboration tools required for Agile development practices • Wind River development tools: Powerful tools to save developers time and increase quality 1 INDUSTRIAL USE CASE

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