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Driving Digital Transformation in Factory Automation SOLUTIONS FOR MANUFACTURING THE CHALLENGE In the global economy, industrial manufacturers face increased pressure to be agile and innovative. Producers in the automotive, aviation, high-tech, food and beverage, textile, and pharmaceutical sectors must be able to adjust quickly to changing market demands and competitive challenges. But many manufacturing facilities are saddled with legacy systems that make innovation difficult if not impossible, and replacing existing infrastructure is daunting. Systems and machinery have often been in place for decades and are expensive to maintain, yet replacing them involves risking a costly production slowdown or a potential drop in quality. Manufacturing and industrial automation, ripe for innovation, face stringent requirements. Factories depend on highly reliable, always available systems that are safe and secure and that operate in real time, even as cybersecurity threats rear their heads seemingly every day. With so many moving parts— robot arms, assembly lines, packaging mechanisms—applications must be able to seamlessly address device deployments, updates, failovers, and security issues. Manufacturing operations actually have a competitive advantage at their fingertips: the enormous amounts of data generated by their equipment and systems. The challenge is being able to capture and analyze that data and take decisive action based upon it. Next-generation systems must give operators that capability. MANUFACTURING USE CASE MANUFACTURING CHALLENGES • Increase efficiency • Permanently reduce OPEX • Update or replace legacy, single- purpose systems • Improve flexibility and agility to meet changing market demands • Connect and manage factory systems and equipment • Ensure system security to prevent outside intrusion • Functional Safety to prevent injury and save lives WIND RIVER SOLUTIONS • Wind River Helix Device Cloud: Secure device lifecycle management that enables remote monitoring, managing, securing, and updating of hundreds to thousands of networked IIoT devices and machines • Wind River Titanium Cloud: Family of virtualization platforms that enables digital transformation from legacy hardware to virtualized automation environment, reducing OPEX and increasing agility • VxWorks: Industry-leading real-time operating system for connecting, securing, and running IIoT systems, networks, and devices • Wind River Linux: Industry-leading open source operating system for connecting, securing, and running IIoT systems, networks, and devices 1

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