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At the same time, many of the traditional challenges associated with earlier space programs still hold true. Due to the costs associated with launch, satellite engineers are held to hard requirements that must be met the first time and every time. With long development cycles supported by distributed teams, often bugs are found late in the testing of vaguely defined requirements. Use of proven embedded software and simulation solutions is critical to finding issues early in the development cycle and throughout the operational life, even after supplier hardware obsolescence. THE SOLUTION For more than 20 years, Wind River ® has provided solutions that have taken dozens of unmanned systems to space, playing a critical role in some of the most significant space missions in history. A combination of our heritage embed- ded capabilities and the latest software-defined architecture (SDA) technology is enabling space system providers today with end-to-end software solutions that usher in a new era of flexibility. Wind River delivers a comprehensive set of solutions from ground station to payload that enable space systems to securely accelerate their development and apply cutting- edge digital transformation paradigms. The following solutions can be integrated into individual components or combined into a comprehensive space systems solution: • Wind River Titanium Cloud • VxWorks ® • Wind River Linux • Wind River Simics ® Discover how these Wind River solutions can support an innovative space systems solution. VxWorks VxWorks is the world's most widely deployed real-time operating system, powering some 2 billion devices including the Mars rover, James Webb Telescope, and NASA Juno. It delivers unrivaled deterministic performance and sets the standard for a scalable, future- proof, safe, and secure operating environment for connected devices in IIoT. Key features include: • A proven real-time operating system: VxWorks is proven in mission-critical applications, where security is paramount. • Security: Best-in-class, pre-integrated security func- tionality throughout the VxWorks product line includes foundational security capabilities for devices by enhanc- ing device, communication, and management security. • Multi-core and integrated virtualization capabilities: Virtualization Profile for VxWorks integrates a real-time embedded, Type 1 hypervisor with support for virtual 2 SPACE USE CASE Figure 1. Wind River products support an end-to-end solution for satellite systems

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