July 27, 2020

Wind River Linux Is the First and Only Linux to Achieve The Open Group FACE Conformance

The Aerospace and Defense Industry Is Rapidly Transforming to Autonomous, Intelligent Systems
Digital transformation is changing the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry. This conversion includes the traditional land, sea, and air domains but now must also consider space and cyber. Accordingly, the A&D industry is increasingly focusing on developing real-time intelligent autonomous systems with a concentration on security. In parallel, the industry is under pressure to rapidly deploy new capabilities while making systems more affordable with better software reuse.

Robust, Interoperable, Portable, and Secure Military Computing Operations Are Required
Open systems architectures enable more affordable systems, with rapid capability insertion and better software reuse. It was through this approach that The Open Group Future Airborne Capability Environment™ (FACE™) Consortium developed the FACE Technical Standard. This open avionics standard enables military avionics developers to design, create, and deploy a broad range of applications for use across the entire array of military aviation systems, using a common operating environment. There has not been a FACE-conformant Linux operating system for developers to use in this open environment until now. In May 2020, Wind River® Linux was awarded certified FACE Conformant status.

Wind River Linux, the First Linux to Achieve Certified FACE Conformance
Delivering a flexible, secure open military avionics operating system environment to A&D developers, Wind River Linux is the first and only solution to conform to the FACE Technical Standard Edition 3.0, General Purpose Profile (GPP) Operating System Segment (OSS). Wind River worked closely with FACE verification authority TES-SAVi to conduct and complete the rigorous FACE certification conformance testing for Wind River Linux.

With certified FACE conformance, Wind River Linux helps achieve the objectives outlined by The Open Group FACE Consortium.

Wind River Linux for Next-Generation Military Avionics Systems
Using Wind River Linux, avionics development teams can build and deploy reliable, high-performance, and secure Linux-based commercial and military aircraft systems without the risk and development effort associated with roll-your-own (RYO) in-house efforts. Based on a modern cloud-native framework, Wind River Linux includes support for Docker, Kubernetes, pre-built containers, and tools that can all help A&D developers in their journey to leverage and deploy cloud-native solutions.

With Wind River Linux, an avionics developer will gain the valued ability to support platforms for years after standard support subscriptions have expired. Military avionics systems are often in the field for decades, and Wind River provides long-term support and maintenance, including security and vulnerability updates. Working closely with Wind River, development teams can significantly reduce production and maintenance costs and accelerate development cycles in comparison to RYO efforts. Teams can freely download Wind River Linux to jump-start their evaluations and develop proofs of concept.

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