Choosing the Right System Software for Medical Devices

February 27, 2018 Wind River Blog Network

By Jeff Kataoka

JKataoka (1)The advances in healthcare, therapies and medical technologies are moving forward at an unbelievable pace. I’m amazed at how the treatments and technology can change so quickly, even from one year to the next. Recently, I witnessed how knee replacement surgery and the treatments can change over just fourteen months. I’ve witnessed new methods of providing anesthesia for surgery, surgical glue instead of staples, personal ice devices for the knee swelling and home apparatuses to lessen recovery pain. This type of rapid advancement in medicine and healthcare is also happening to medical devices for the hospital, for home care and for personal use. Medical device manufacturers are releasing innovative technologies and equipment each year. As they innovate and create new machines and devices, it is important that they consider the right system software to drive the operation of their product.

To learn more about the importance of utilizing the proper system software when designing a medical device, take a look at our paper “Choosing the Right System Software for Medical Devices.It explores how different health and medical usages and requirements should determine which type of system software that a medical device manufacturer should choose as the foundation of their product. Additionally, it is important that all medical devices meet governmental requirements to be safe, secure and reliable, because it can make a difference in the success of a surgery or treatment and even life or death for the patient.

As you begin to explore the many considerations, options and how best to select the right system software for your medical product, feel free to contact us to discuss your strategies further.

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