Wind River Simics Product Note

November 8, 2019

Wind River® Simics® creates a shared platform for software development by simulating your full target system. A Simics simulation of a target system can run unmodified target software from the physical target system (the same boot loader, basic input/output system, firmware, operating system, board support package, middleware, and applications) while still inside a simulation framework.

Simics targets are flexible and configurable, freeing developers from the restrictions of physical hardware. With Simics, you can share work and collaborate between teams and across continents, perfectly reproduce failures, and nonintrusively debug and inspect even the most complex system.

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Wind River Simics Product Overview
Wind River Simics Product Overview

Wind River® Simics® allows developers to have on-demand access to any target system at any time. It enables...

How can Simics helps ensure secure deployments?