Deep Dive of the StarlingX Architecture and Features

May 22, 2018

Ian Jolliffe, Brent Rowsell and Dean Troyer will provide a deep dive of the StarlingX architecture and features.  

We will discuss the status of the code base today and some of the things we believe are on the to-do list.  We hope to engage the community in a conversation on how to integrate fully into the OpenStack community and ecosystem.

StarlingX is open source software that provides cloud infrastructure for the most demanding applications in edge, industrial IOT, and telecom use cases.

StarlingX Project Overview Presentation
StarlingX Project Overview Presentation

StarlingX provides a deployment-ready, scalable, highly reliable Edge infrastructure software platform.

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StarlingX at OpenStack Summit
StarlingX at OpenStack Summit

Meet StarlingX the new independent, top-level, pilot project that’s supported by the OpenStack Foundation. ...

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