What is StarlingX?

October 24, 2018

StarlingX is open source software that provides cloud infrastructure for the most demanding applications in edge, industrial IOT, and telecom use cases.

It is based on code contributed by Intel® and Wind River® (Titanium Cloud™) and combines components of its own with leading open source projects such as OpenStack, Ceph, and OVS.

Watch web seminar hosted by the OpenStack Foundation to learn more.

What you will learn:

  • How StarlingX addresses the limitations previously found in open source solutions for the network edge
  • The key components of StarlingX
  • How you can get involved to shape the future of virtualization at the edge
StarlingX Overview
StarlingX Overview

StarlingX is a complete cloud infrastructure software stack for the edge used by the most demanding applica...

How to try out and get involved with StarlingX
How to try out and get involved with StarlingX

StarlingX is an open source project that offers you the services you need for your distributed edge cloud e...

Download the StarlingX source code and join the discussion