Meeting Cybersecurity, Safety, and Reliability Controls for Your Linux-Based Systems

Cybersecurity and anti-tamper controls require significant attention for any aerospace and defense weapons system. Meeting NIST 800-53 Risk Management Framework (RMF) controls is a significant challenge and requires a knowledgeable, available, and well-funded security engineering team.

The Wind River® acquisition of Star Lab combines proven anti-tamper and cybersecurity software for Linux from Star Lab with market-leading embedded software solutions for the intelligent edge from Wind River. Together, the Wind River–Star Lab product portfolio can meet the demanding aerospace and defense (A&D) requirements by protecting classified and/or sensitive data at rest, delivering secure embedded systems, protecting communication between devices and across systems, safeguarding them over time, and responding quickly as new threats emerge.

10 Properties of Secure Embedded Systems
10 Properties of Secure Embedded Systems

Protecting Can’t-Fail Systems from Tampering, Reverse Engineering, and Other Cyberattacks

Trusted Military Servers
Trusted Military Servers

Secure at Rest.

Protected During Boot.

Hardened at Runtime.

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