Preventing Zero-Day Attacks and Mitigating CVEs with Linux Hardening Tools

Solutions for Critical CVEs

In 2020, there were 18,325 total common vulnerability exposures (CVEs) reported.1 Of these, the vast majority involved SQL injection, cross-site scripting, input sanitization, and default credentials. Many of these CVEs are not used singularly but are chained such that arbitrary code execution and privilege escalation can be used, providing an attacker lateral movement in network, data exfiltration, and persistence.

There is no silver bullet for addressing and mitigating CVEs in software and systems. However, tools such as Titanium Linux, an operating system hardening product within Wind River® Titanium Security Suite, can limit the scope of privilege escalation and lateral movement within a network to either wholly or partially mitigate various classes of CVEs.

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Wind River Titanium Security Suite: Titanium Linux Datasheet
Wind River Titanium Security Suite: Titanium Linux Datasheet

Titanium Security Suite offers the most robust Linux system hardening and security capabilities available o...

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