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  • Winning At The 5G Edge1:29

    Winning At The 5G Edge

    Learn more about how Wind River Studio Cloud Platform, the production-grade Kubernetes platform for the 5G edge, can help you achieve your 5G goals.

  • Titanium for Linux: OS Hardening for Embedded Systems2:05

    Titanium for Linux: OS Hardening for Embedded Systems

  • Meet the VxWorks RTOS2:17

    Meet the VxWorks RTOS

    Find out how the VxWorks real-time operating system can meet your intelligent systems needs.

  • Smart Linux Solutions For The Intelligent Edge Webinar59:42

    Smart Linux Solutions For The Intelligent Edge Webinar

  • インテリジェントエッジのためのLinux17:49


    インテリジェント化が進む今日のシステムに求められるクラウドネイティブ・アーキテクチャ、コンテナ技術、継続的なデリバリーなど、最新機能を備えるWind River Linuxの特徴と、インテリジェントエッジでLinuxの使用を可能にする機能について、最新リリースLTS21の新機能を含めご紹介します。

  • RTOSのモダナイゼーション - 進化するRTOSとVxWorks14:04

    RTOSのモダナイゼーション - 進化するRTOSとVxWorks


  • The Machine Economy0:32

    The Machine Economy

    In the new machine economy, intelligent systems compute, predict, learn, and adapt in near-latency-free real time on the far edge. Wind River Studio is the first cloud-native platform for the developm

  • VxWorksを試そう!Linux開発者のための リアルタイムOS - 入門編 第2回:リアルタイムOSプログラミング42:31

    VxWorksを試そう!Linux開発者のための リアルタイムOS - 入門編 第2回:リアルタイムOSプログラミング

    RTOSを使ったことがないLinux開発者にも分かりやすくRTOSについてご紹介します。RTOS初心者の方や、改めて情報を整理したい方にも実践的な技術情報です。 第2回は「リアルタイムOSプログラミング」。タスク作成や割り込みサービスルーチン(ISR)、タスク間通信と同期について、デモを交えてご紹介します。

  • Digital Cockpit Flight Display Demonstration2:04

    Digital Cockpit Flight Display Demonstration

    See a demonstration of a joint collaboration between Wind River, Ansys, CoreAVI, Curtiss-Wright, and RTI for a digital cockpit flight display with touchscreen.

  • Wind River Helix Virtualization Platformとは?1:27

    Wind River Helix Virtualization Platformとは?

  • Wind River Simicsとは?2:58

    Wind River Simicsとは?

  • Putting It All Together3:15

    Putting It All Together

    Baking security into your system is not easy, but it must be done. Learn where to go to get the help you need to build a secure and safe device.

  • Ongoing Threat Prevention3:48

    Ongoing Threat Prevention

    Securing your device or system is a complete lifecycle effort. Threats must be actively monitored and resolutions must be implemented. Learn why proactive endpoint integrity monitoring is a must in to

  • Hardening and Fortifying3:57

    Hardening and Fortifying

    You must anticipate that a breach will happen. Learn to model different threat scenarios and put in place mechanisms to protect your applications, data, IP, and the resiliency of the device. Your thre

  • Designing with a Trusted Foundation4:50

    Designing with a Trusted Foundation

    Your device is only as secure as its weakest link, so you must build on top of a proven and trusted platform with hardware-based security features as well as trustworthy software vendors, code pedigre

  • Building a Security Policy4:23

    Building a Security Policy

    Building your security policy starts with determining the device’s assets, identifying threats to those assets, and defining mitigations to those threats. Your policy has to factor in your risk tolera

  • Capturing Use Case Security Requirements4:57

    Capturing Use Case Security Requirements

    Planning for security requirements up front greatly reduces friction and cost throughout development and deployment. Learn how they will influence the direction your project takes, and what you will n

  • The Cybersecurity Journey Through the Full Product Lifecycle3:09

    The Cybersecurity Journey Through the Full Product Lifecycle

    Architecting a secure device starts well before the first line of code is written and ends only when the device is taken out of service. Learn how and where security is applied at different stages of

  • Ceros Training Video - Creating Tablet and Mobile versions of a Desktop Page16:18

    Ceros Training Video - Creating Tablet and Mobile versions of a Desktop Page

  • VxWorksを試そう!Linux開発者のためのリアルタイムOS - 入門編 - 第1回:リアルタイムOSとは34:35

    VxWorksを試そう!Linux開発者のためのリアルタイムOS - 入門編 - 第1回:リアルタイムOSとは

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