Digital Transformation at the Intelligent Edge (Embedded World 2021 Conference Keynote) Kevin Dallas, Wind River President and CEO, delivers the keynote address at Embedded World 2021. The next frontier of digital transformation comes at the intelligent edge. This can provide faster, more responsive computing, and as computing becomes cheaper and smaller, this kind of system becomes ubiquitous. But edge computing comes with its own set of challenges. For example, unlike the homogeneity of a data center, there are vast variations between edge devices, many of them having been tailor-made for a specific purpose. This means that integrating the system for applications becomes more difficult. Another example is security. While access to physical data centers can be limited, edge devices are located in disparate locations, where they can be accessed and dismantled. To combat the host of issues presented by transformation at the edge, digital frameworks and architectures have to be examined and restructured to adapt to the new workspace. This requires a new set of skills, such as deployment paradigms, to be able to keep up with the edge. Combining skills, toolchains, and methods from both cloud environments and embedded domains becomes increasingly important. We need to rethink how these new intelligent systems are built, and retool ourselves to prepare for an intelligent systems world.

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Containers at the Intelligent Edge

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