Join us for a lively presentation by the Wind River® product strategist responsible for bringing the latest VxWorks to market. Michel Chabroux will focus on the many significant enhancements implemented in VxWorks and associated tools, designed to:

  • Streamline software development
  • Achieve greater performance and determinism
  • Make systems more secure
  • Lower certification costs
  • Enable modern, software-defined systems

Huge industry disruptors such as 5G and artificial intelligence (AI) are forcing us to rethink how we design and build embedded systems. Now more than ever, devices, machines, and systems require even more security, safety, reliability, and certifiability. There is a growing need for the real-time operating system (RTOS) to serve as the foundation for a new era of embedded design.

For more than 30 years, VxWorks® has led the industry in creating mission-critical applications in all market segments: automotive, avionics, defense, industrial, medical, robotics, space, telecom, and transportation. Today, a new VxWorks emerges to lead and empower a new generation of embedded developers to use popular programming languages and libraries (C++17, Python, Rust, and Boost), along with cloud-based infrastructures to innovate.

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