Teaser: Designing for Safety and Security in Connected Cars

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With the rapid growth of autonomous technologies and the resulting rise in software complexity, the auto industry has entered the age of the software-defined vehicle. In order to truly bring the vision of the autonomous car to the masses, safety and security must always be paramount concerns.

Highly connected vehicle systems that will allow for intelligent communication between the car and the world around it also open the door to new cyber threats. Given this, without strong security there is no safety. Car companies must address safety and security at every step of design and development. What’s more, appropriate measures must be taken to keep vehicles up-to-date and protected against security threats throughout the lifetime of the car.

Additionally, there are strong parallels between automotive and other mission-critical systems. The automotive industry can learn from other industries, such as aerospace and defense, with similarly stringent safety demands.

In this session, Wind River® will share insights about:

  • The rapidly changing software landscape, especially with the rise of the Internet of Things, and how it is adding complexity to automotive systems
  • How vehicles can and will need to securely communicate with their surroundings
  • The evolving cybersecurity threat landscape for connected and autonomous vehicles
  • Similarities between automotive and other mission-critical industries with demanding safety and security restrictions
  • The link between functional safety and security, and the need to fuse safety and security requirements together
  • Key use cases around security, including remote diagnostics and maintenance
  • Innovative architectures and technologies to address increasing compute complexity in automotive systems
  • How to ensure that a vehicle remains secure and up-to-date over the course of its entire lifetime, which can span more than 10 years
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