Wind River Simics - The Path to DevOps

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The Wind River engineering team is using its own software, Wind River Simics to enable DevOps and Continuous integration/continuous delivery. To achieve CI/CD, it is imperative to have a high amount of integration, a high amount of automation, and those tests need to run very quickly to provide rapid feedback and they need to run in a stable environment. Simics has allowed the team to grow their automation by over 12,000% , provide high code coverage, and allowed them to run their tests quickly so that the engineers can get feedback rapidly, fix bugs in 1/10th the amount of time it would take otherwise. This has allowed the team to run their complete automation suite every sprint.

Engineering teams across Wind River are also using Simics to gain dramatic efficiency improvements and eliminate many of the costs and complications of testing on physical hardware. This helps them overcome the matrix of pain in labs to test the Internet of Things (IoT) at full scale.

This video features Ed Illidge, Vice President of Engineering, and Martin Cote, Director of Engineering.

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